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A la carte


Enjoy these services individually or add them to your massage session 

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Sinus relief ~ We use special essential oils to relieve sinus congestion and hot towels to help drain out phlegm to alleviate pressure.  


30 minutes = $40

Ear Candling ~ Helps with ear aches & infections, headaches and balances your equilibrium.   


30 minutes = $50

Full Body Stretch:

This session is for stretching only. Come in some comfortable, loose fitting attire and enjoy an effective full body stretch from your neck and shoulders, down to your ankles and feet.


30 min ~ $35

Foot Massage w/hot towels:

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, gout, flat footed or tired achy feet, then this treatment is for you! We focus on reducing the tension while stimulating the muscles in your feet to improve circulation. End with hot towels for a deeper calming relief.


15 min ~ $20      25 min ~ $30

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